Gedung Edu Center, Commercial International School, BSD City

About Us

Geniuseduclinic is an educational fondation to assist development of learning from basic skill to higher order thinking skills ( HOTS ) among school aged children and to motivate them in participating academic competition and olympiad.

Nowadays the world is pivoted on S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), it is pertinent to plan the future in which the children of the present will be the leaders of tomorrow. Geniuseduclinic is committed to fulfill its mission that will be lauded by learning institutions, schools and students who have directly benefited from its educative, informative creative, inovative and evaluative programs.

Our Mission

  • Identify and nurture future scientists at school level
  • Infuse a healthy competitive spirit among students
  • Encourage students’ participation in local, regional, national and international olympiads

Our Activities

  • Geniuseduclinic conducts workshops, seminars, and competition for students and teachers.
  • Geniuseduclinic serves the best learning methods of English, Science and Mathematics.
  • Geniuseduclinic spreads from city to rural area so that all students will have the same opportunity to develop.

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